Reflection & Resolution

Happy New Year friends!

Can you believe we are in a  new year?! So much happened in the world over the past 365 days. I know for me, 2021 brought a variety of situations my way. Many thought when 2020 went away, the Coronavirus would go away with it. However, last year proved us wrong. The world soon realized that although The Calendar Changed, Life Didn’t

Yet, despite the ups and downs of 2021, we learned What We Needed in the New Year and it was ourselves. The awareness of social and emotional health became evident as the year progressed. As individuals, we saw the importance of prioritizing ourselves. 

Now here we are, facing another new year. A year filled with new opportunities, challenges, heartaches, and joy. The start of the new year also comes with resolutions – fitness, relationships, finances, etc. While these are all good things to strive for, today I want to challenge you to start the new year in a different way. 

Before you resolve… reflect. 

So often we add on new goals without ever reflecting on what has already taken place. Or, we become frustrated with what has not been accomplished and we don’t even aim for new targets. We think: “What’s the point? If I didn’t meet my last goals, why set new ones?” 

In 2022, I dare you to shift your thinking. Before the resolutions, I challenge you to stop, breathe and reflect. 

Stop – Literally, find a moment to stop. Stop the laundry, cooking, Netflix, whatever you are doing, and still your body and mind. 

Breathe – Take a deep breath. It may seem crazy, but something that happens physically and mentally when we intentionally breathe. 

Reflect – Take some time to think about your goals and dreams. Reflect over the things that have happened over the past year – good, bad, and ugly (there is a lesson in it all). You may find that you’ve accomplished more than you thought. 

That was me just a few weeks ago -questioning if I was accomplishing anything in life. Then one day as I passed my vision board (I highly recommend creating a vision board if you do not have one), something caught my eye. It prompted me to truly stop and reflect over the prayers I had prayed and the goals I set. More importantly, it showed me God had been faithful as it related to my goals and dreams. There are things I have done… I AM still doing it! The more I reflected, the more thankful I became.

So now, as I take on the new year, I do it from a place of truth.

Have I accomplished everything on my vision board? No. 

Have I made progress? Yes

Has God blessed me? Yes

Is He the same God in 2022 as in 2021? ABSOLUTELY! 

And knowing that my friends is all the “resolution” I need for the new year! 



As always, find what speaks to your soul – give it life and leave a legacy.

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