God Speaks on Saturday

First let me clear up any theological headache and heartache that my title may have given someone. Saturday is not the only day God speaks. God speaks every day, all day. He’s always speaking if we’re listening.

That being said, for me there’s something special about Saturday. Specifically, Saturday morning. Early in the morning as the sun is slowly on the rise, there’s a quietness, beauty and peace that exists in my house. No one is moving around. There are no sounds of appliances,  music or TV dancing through the rooms. 

What breathes through the walls is a blessed quietness, creating the perfect place of communion. A place where God speaks. My bible, a hot cup of coffee, coupled with the cool of the morning. When the weather is right, a seat under the umbrella table. There I sit and take in the beauty of His holiness in the nature around me. There I listen with anticipation and expectation for the still small voice to speak to my soul.  

There is something about Saturday that recharges my spirit and brings me peace. Don’t misunderstand me, Saturday is not the only time I pray, study or just sit to hear from God. If that were the case, I would not be able to make it. However, Saturday morning is the purest time of fellowship for me.  

I encourage you to find your Saturday? Identify that day, time and/or place of sweet communion.  God speaks on Saturday and as my soul speaks, I write. What speaks to your soul and how are you responding to what you hear?



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